09 February 2014

Week Recommendations #6

Meshing Ministry with Parenting
Although this article was written about pastors' kids, I believe it is very applicable to any Christian parent who involves himself/herself in public ministry. Actually, it doesn't even have to be public. All Christians have the selfish bent toward pride, hypocrisy, and condescension--and this damages our children the most. If nothing else, read the bold headers to this article and think about how your children view Jesus when looking at you: your ministry and your parenting.

5 Ways to Teach Your Children to Hate the Ministry by Ed Stetzer at Christianity Today

What is the Longevity and Depth of Your Change?
I love this little quip. It's a good perspective check on how things impact us. How do we live out the resolves that are planted in our hearts by experiencing poverty and spiritual need?

6-Day Visit to Rural African Village Completely Changes Woman's Facebook Profile Picture at The Onion

Hope and Peace and Life (testimonies on film)
Billy Graham leads a new kind of crusade with these films that capture the incredible change that Jesus brings into a sinner's life. Below is the testimony of singer Lacey Sturm, a powerful and emotional record of a complete turn from desperation to hope.

The Obsession with (Outer) Beauty
Dove continues with their campaign, producing more mini-documentaries to encourage women to see themselves as more beautiful. While their efforts do bring out some good points about influence and self-perspective, much of what is demonstrated is a further obsession with appearance instead of inner beauty. This article explores where that will lead and why we need to jump off that train.

We Can't All Be Beautiful by Karen Swallow Prior at Christianity Today

Creation vs. Evolution Debate
If you missed the live streaming of Bill Nye and Ken Ham on Wednesday (it was Wednesday in Korea), you can still watch it via livedebate.org or on YouTube. Listening to both sides present their arguments got me thinking about Jesus telling parables. This is the post I wrote answering this question: What should we think when others will not accept creation as a viable model of origins?

Our Bodies Compared to Olympians'
So the winter sports have begun and with it an excitement for competition, athletics, and beauty. Does it ever leave you looking at yourself? "What if I had worked harder and become an Olympian?" This amazing writer takes on that question without fear and with some pretty blunt photographs. 

Also worth checking out is her article written for Ann Voskamp's journal; it's an excerpt from her book Forgiving our Fathers and Mothers, entitled "How To Begin Forgiving Our Parents: Becoming Human."

Faith in Evolution
Why do so many believe in evolution when they cannot prove it? Watch Ray Comfort interrogate a number of science professors and majors--and boldly give them the gospel.

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