02 February 2014

Week Recommendations #5

Removing Boundaries, Bringing the Kingdom
When we think of mission work, we think of the gospel. What is that? Most would recite the Romans Road or the Four Spiritual Laws, but is it more than a verbal testimony of Christ's work? Is it also promoting justice and peace and healing and compassion? This is a controversial article that argues for the "silent gospel" of relief work. It has certainly gotten me thinking (which is always the mark of good writing), especially as my own dad (Dr. George Rhoades of Roads to Hope) is currently doing trauma counseling in the Philippines. His ministry there is removing boundaries of trauma that keep people from seeing hope, which is Jesus Himself.

Knowing full well that her views will be contradicted, this author writes with passion and conviction about a sensitive topic.

"Is the Purpose of Missions the Gospel or the Kingdom?" by Laura Parker at A Life Overseas

Don't Flaunt Your Faults
It's also false humility. There's been a combat to the current onslaught of publicized perfection (via Pinterest), and that battlefront is labeled "authenticity." This article brings the Bible into the argument and rightfully says that posting our failures (cleaning, disciplining, exercising) benefits no one, especially ourselves. Our goal should rather be holiness.

"Authenticity, Honesty, and the Stay-at-home Mother" by RVD at The Christian Pundit

This awesome picture has been floating around FB. Read it and let it settle down and live in your heart.

When You Don't Have Time and Don't Have Space...
Ann Voskamp talks of the time and space crunch we all feel. Then, she turns it around and gives a challenge that literally left me weeping. (Maybe it had something to do with hearing the short video narrated in Thai too.) She's right. God gives us the tools to make our lives expand--but we must make the effort.

"How To Find Time and Space for the Life Your Want" by Ann Voskamp at A Holy Experience

(You may want to read the article first before watching the short film, but either way works.)

Hip-hop Artist Brags on His Interracial Marriage
You may have heard of Trip Lee, but maybe you didn't know he married cross-culturally. Here are his views on expectations and preferences in choosing a spouse.

"Why I Married a White Girl" by Trip Lee at The Gospel Coalition

New Village for Children Opening in Uganda
Village of Hope Uganda shelters and provides for children, most of whom were part of or directly affected by the LRA (Lord's Resistance Army) of child soldiers. This amazing organization is proudly announcing the opening of a second village on February 2: this week!

"Village of Hope Announces Grand Opening at Bobi Village" by Cindy Cunningham at Village of Hope Uganda

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