14 February 2014

Blending Well: A mini-series on cross-cultural marriage

Two people.
     Two cultures.
          Two languages.
               Two worldviews.
                   Two ways of life.

Becoming one.

That is cross-cultural marriage.

How can we blend well with such differences?
To take on this difficult question, I asked for wisdom from a dozen of my friends who married men of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. I'm so grateful to these women for sharing their experiences and insight with us. So the content of this mini-series is drawn from interviews, Bible study, and personal experience.

But these posts aren't only applicable to those marrying outside of their cultures. One friend noted that every marriage is the merging of two different families, essentially of two cultures. Every wedding begins a new oneness. In a way, every married couple faces these issues of cultural differences--even though those with different ethnic backgrounds may have more clearly seen lines of contrast.

So how do we blend well?

I gathered three main threads of marital advice, which all my interviewees discussed and advocated. Here are the three posts in this series and some of what will be covered:

#1 Study each other.
How can I better know my husband and his background?
What can help me understand him now?

#2 Communicate everything.
What are some avoidable conflicts?
When do I talk about our differences and when do I let things go?
What if we can't find middle ground?

#3 Define your family's culture.
How do we choose what culture we represent?
What language(s) do we speak?
Where should we live?
How should we raise our children?
What about extended family and their expectations?

I'd be honored if you journeyed with me through this mini-series. You're welcome to check back this weekend for the first post or be reminded by any of these methods: Facebook, Google +, or Pinterest.

Happy Valentine's Day,

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