28 January 2014

You Are: A poem praising Him


You are the light that guides my every step.
You are the shepherd watching to protect.
You are the bread that fills my hungry soul.
You are the way, the truth, the life--my goal.

All my needs are met in You.
My heart feeds on life anew
through Your spirit alive in me:
I find truth and identity.

You are the place I can come to rest.
You are the ear to whom I confess.
You are the home my nomad heart can claim.
You are present--first and last--the same.

Help me not to wander back.
Remind me that I do not lack.
May my ache for You increase--
my rock, my breath, my drive, my peace.

Above all my strife, You reign.
With You as my life, I gain.
Your healing voice is never far.
No matter where I am--You are.


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