04 January 2014

Weekend Recommendations #1

Welcome to the first weekly post listing recommendations and links. Check out what interests you and add any you think would appeal to other At Home Abroad readers.

#1 Bible Study
Good Morning Girls begins their next online Bible study soon, entitled "Intentionally Focused." Registration starts on Monday, January 6. You can team up with friends or join a group online (and make new friends). Check out the range of topics covered--a new one each week--meant to target all aspects of our lives and aim them accurately at glorifying God.

#2 Physical and Spiritual Exercise 
Walking Redeemed is hosting a fitness challenge that stretches for 8 weeks of accountability. Grab a partner and begin the year with a firm step toward physical and spiritual health. Along with the incentive of feeling and looking better, this blog offers weekly prizes as well as grand prizes for which all participants are eligible. This begins Monday.

#3 Christian Books
B&H Publishing Group is offering free books by Beth Moore as a new year's gift. This amazing present is available until January 10.

#4 A Plan(ner) for the New Year
There are a number of printables online to get you started for 2014. (I hope to add to this creative collection this coming week!) Check out these options either to use their formats or to be inspired to create your own.

Daisies' Bliss: Pray + Act Planner
Second Chance to Dream: Printable Planner
Modern Parents, Messy Kids: Project Organize Your ENTIRE Life

#5 My Birthday Wish
This isn't a link . . . but rather a request. It's my birthday, and I feel loved and celebrated and blessed. I don't need a thing materially and my heart is secure in Jesus. What, then, could I desire for a gift but that others feel the same? That's why I write. I want to encourage women who are caught in the crossfire of cultural conflict, who long for a home, who juggle languages and customs and currencies and time zones. I would love to expand the reach of this medium, so if you know anyone who may be blessed by a blog meant for ladies in cross-cultural situations, will you please send them this way? I would love to meet them, learn from them, and journey together with them toward Christ. 

So I guess my fifth link is this blog's, in hopes that you'll share it!


  1. Thank you for featuring my planner, Malia :))

    1. You're welcome! It's so worth promoting: inspirational and genuine. :)


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