27 January 2014

Week Recommendations #4

Culture Shock: American Style
A Russian writer explains the confusion (and sometimes disgust) that many foreigners feel for the seeming unfeeling Q&A that goes as follows: "How are you?" "Fine." As an American, I appreciate reading this reversal of roles and knowing what it's like for foreigners on our soil.

The "How Are You" Culture Clash by Alina Simone

After a Long Day with the Kids...
Moms, do you feel beaten down by the time your husband gets home? Here's a wife that recognizes the chaos and the pressure but still wants to prioritize her man. We can learn a lot from her honesty.

Let Your Husband Love You by Kristen

A Video of the Right Focus
Have you seen this yet? It was released at the end of 2013, and its truths about God's presence in our everyday lives will be pertinent for all time. Stay with it, for the ending line is phenomenal. Take it from this amateur poet!

The Calvinist by John Piper

Unborn Images Show Life
You may have seen these pictures on Facebook this week: amazing photos of animals pre-birth or pre-hatching. Here is a follow-up article that argues for the powerful evidence of life in these images.

What Can Unborn Animals Teach Us About Life in the Womb? by Karen Swallow Prior

Airplane Travel Humor
And...because I'm recovering from our most recent international transit, here's a hilarious post about the non-beauty rest of being on the move for more than 24 hours!

Airplane Travel Gives me Gas by Rachel Pieh Jones

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  1. Enjoyed browsing your blog for awhile tonight, Malia. Thanks for all the thoughts, ideas and links that you share. : )

    1. You're welcome. :) It all helps me much, and I'm always glad to hear when it blesses others.


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