19 January 2014

Week Recommendations #3

When You Feel "Homeless"
Veronica Simms shares in this touching article how her cross-cultural experience showed her where her true home lies. Read it and be encouraged! (I'm so proud to say I know Von personally!)

A Collection of TCK Narratives
A seventh grade class at an international school in South Korea published an ebook this week full of personal narratives. Their voices speak of challenges and triumphs--and regardless of whether they chose to express their lessons in fiction or nonfiction, their stories breathe of truth. What's even better is that the $5 you spend on Lessons Learned goes straight to their mission trips during spring break this year.

When Our Plans Fail
I wanted to highlight so many lines in this article by Katie Van Dyke, but here is my favorite: "whether you work in the church or in the world, or if you are single or married, the Lord can use you in spectacular ways. [. . .] We are representing and serving the Lord whatever our vocation or role may be and we are to do it all unto him (Colossians 3:17-24). He really is able to use us wherever we are." Read this wisdom in its entirety here.

The Most Misinterpreted Verse in Scripture
It's so important to read verses in context. Jefferson Bethke takes this powerful chapter in whole and
encourages us all to find our identity and strength in Christ instead of calling on Him to make us successful.

An Expat Mom Settles In
Jill Humphry, who lives in Kinshasa with her family, writes about how the honeymoon phase of her expat life has expired. What's left? Where is the contentment and balance when faced with indifference, frustration, and a new normal? Still, in the midst, she describes a growing pride in her new home and in her children as they acclimate. Here is the article: "Congo: It Used to Be So Easy."

Streaming Evolution-Creation Debate
Bill Nye (the science guy) and Ken Ham (founder of Answers in Genesis) will discuss the following question on February 4:  “Is creation a viable model of origins in today’s modern scientific era?" Tickets for the event sold out immediately, but there will be a free live streaming.

The Craziness Spelled Out
Moms, ever wonder where your day went? I loved this article that Lisa-Jo Baker wrote as a conversation with her son who asked why in the world she was so tired at night.

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