12 January 2014

Week Recommendations #2

To Grandparents of TCKs
Rachel Pieh Jones writes a beautiful letter to her parents on her blog: Djibouti Jones. She recalls several moments when her parents gifted her family (and especially her children) with support for their lives overseas even though separation was (and still is) difficult.

On Returning Missionaries
Christian Standard discusses the range of emotions that come with reentry for missionaries. After serving God overseas for a season, these people come home to find themselves thrust into an even harder acclimation. The article comes with practical helps for those receiving them.

Online Book Club
Courtney Joseph is leading a study of her new book Women Living Well. This free 8-week reading plan includes a free Bible study guide, videos, devotionals, and discussions. Beginning on January 13, the study will encourage women even if they do not read the book but only follow the associated posts. Check it out!

TV Star Promotes Marital Submission
Were you a Full House fan too? My stylish role model, DJ Tanner (aka Candice Cameron Bure), wrote a new book Balancing It All and talks about how her Biblical definition of submission has brought happiness and balance to her marriage and parenting in this interview. Watch it and be encouraged!

Exercise in a Snap: No Excuses Now
Is one of your resolutions to exercise more frequently? Have you tried the 7-minute work out? Phenomenal. Everyone has enough time to spare for that. You've spent that long just scrolling down this page of recommendations.

A Book List Worth Browsing
One of my favorite bloggers, Jen Thorn, shares what books impacted her in 2013. They range in content from parenting to theology to Christian living to commentaries. She gives a brief summary of each, so you can know which one you might need to pick up and peruse.

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