06 January 2014

Reach: Blog Vision 2014

Long-term, short-term, dreaming the big, and seeing the small--all these kinds of goals come from some good self-reflection and vision-building. I love how the new year turns me into a mighty introspective soul. Questions probe me, and I mull over the deep whats, whys, and hows.

Hence: this is a blog post about blogging--a vision for 2014 (and beyond!). If you want to be inspired likewise to set goals, read on. If you want to help me expand this community and reach, read on. And if you want to pray for me as I launch forward, read on. After all, it is for you! Plus, I've got questions aimed at you after each section--so you can input how to improve things too.

Bettering the Blog 
The Look
With much to learn, I hope to improve the browsing ease of the site as the year progresses with reader-friendly features like drop-down menus and links to popular posts.
{What visual features would you recommend be added/tweaked?}

The Content
I'd like to add structure and timing to the posts, so you can know what to expect when. Here are some ideas for specific days:
  • Sunday: Stillness in Scripture
  • Monday/Tuesday: Family (marriage, parenting, folks back home) 
  • Wednesday: Character Building 
  • Thursday: Throwback (repost from the past)
  • Friday: Culture Taste (expat life, missions)
  • Saturday: Recommended articles on related topics 
While I won't post an article every day, I plan to post something (a picture, a quote, etc.) on the day's topic either on the blog itself or on social media. This way, all reaches of the blog are touched on each week.
{Does this schedule appeal to you? Am I missing a topic that you appreciate about At Home Abroad?}

The Perks
Many blogs have giveaways, link-ups (a day for other bloggers to advertise their related articles), and sponsors. I'd like to look into these features and consider them for us. 
{Do any of these perks interest you? Are you turned off by any of them?}

Offering Involvement
My hope for At Home Abroad is that it become a community. Here are some of my ideas, and I'd really appreciate your feedback on what you would join or support. 

Women (like you) who visit here carry with them wisdom from their unique experiences. I'd love to offer a platform for that wisdom to be shared: a question-based forum. We could do this through Facebook or Google+, allowing readers to submit questions that would then be presented to the whole community for answers. 
{Would you participate?}

Book Club
I'm a reader, and I'm betting there are a bunch of you who likewise learn more and enjoy a book more when discussing it. We could read books that touch on overseas topics (TCKs, missions, traveling, culture, religion) and discuss them online with questions for guidance. 
{Does this interest you?} 

Guest Posts
Many of you read my first guest post: a Christmas devotional written by my dad, Dr. George Rhoades. I'd like to make it easier and more welcoming for others to write likeminded articles for this blog, offering a broader perspective and experiential wisdom that span much farther than I will ever be able to reach alone.
{Would you write to encourage other women? Would you like to read articles from a handful of writers with overseas experience?} 

A Vision
As I read over these goals, I keep hearing the word "reach." This appears to be the focus of our 2014 together. 

Reaching for ease and regularity--so we can conveniently connect

Reaching out for resources and Q&A--so we can learn and grow

Reaching in for community--so we can deepen our relationships and build each other up

Reaching up for unity and encouragement--so we can glorify God and abide in Christ

And now . . . what do you think? Please reread the colored questions above and offer feedback so we can reach these goals this new year!


  1. LOVE what you are doing here Malia! I can see being interested in discussion/forum. This will quickly become a great resource for those living (or looking to live) abroad.


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