13 January 2014

A Word for 2014: Can I please have 3 words?

It's a trend. One word for the year--what's yours?

I've seriously been mulling over this for days. I can't seem to narrow it down. So I give up. I will claim three . . . and one is even a phrase.

Slow Down
I should print this photo to remind me all year long. It certainly speaks truth into my life with three young children. I don't need to hurry hurry hurry. I don't need to "do this first" before listening to their stories, their prayers, their needs. I don't need to be multitasking while my preschoolers sound out letters. I really don't need to answer emails in impressive speed. In this season of my life and theirs, it's so important to read the sign and abide by it: "Slow down: children playing."


See the beauty. Sing.
Hear the blessings. Worship.
Smell the flowers. Pause.
Taste the goodness. Laugh.
Feel His presence. Praise.


Too often, I expect to be offended. When I walk the sidewalks with my children, I ready myself to be shoved. In line, I suspect that someone will cut in front of me. When a halmoni (grandmother) approaches my baby, I brace for a scolding about what I've dressed her in. 

It needs to stop. 

One of my good friends has a quote on the back of her front door--so her family will read it every day before leaving the house. 

"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle."

I forget that others need kindness too. In my pining for space and familiarity in this foreign country, I neglect to do the very thing I miss: bless. Each day I encounter hundreds of Koreans--and yes they may offend me because of our cultural differences--but I need to stop raising my defenses and start reaching out. A smile, a helping hand, a word in their language--an intentional stop to encourage and lighten their day. Kindness. Blessing.


Slow down

Slowing down corrects my vision, so I can see God's gifts to me. Seeing His gifts fills me with praise. Being filled with praise outpours into blessing others.

Slow down --> Praise --> Bless

It may not be one word, but it flows rather nicely.

It's going to be a good year!

Do you have a word for 2014? If not, will you ask God to give you one? And will you share it with us?


  1. I loved this entry :)
    Especially your short poem! I jotted it down on my journal!

    1. :) I'm so blessed to hear this!

  2. Found you through Von Simms. =)

    My word for the year is Free. I want to acknowledge the freedom that I have in Christ and his child, and learn to function and love and serve others out of that freedom.

    Love your words. Especially praise!


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