11 November 2013

Pearls, Sands, and Flamboyance

In the summer of 2009, I wrote a book about our year spent in Bahrain, in the Arabian Gulf. It's a collection of short chapters, reflections of our times in church, school, out amongst Bahrainis, and also traveling to other Middle Eastern countries. It's called Pearls, Sands, and Flamboyance. This is the blurb on the back of the book:

As a young, naive teacher, Shannon Malia Heil faced didactic challenges during her year abroad in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Together with her husband Mark, she battled stereotypes, culture shock, and religious oppression while learning the value of assimilation and the power of relational evangelism. In Pearls, Sands, and Flamboyance, she captures the day-to-day life in Manama, sharing insight into their customs and lessons she gathered from her own experiences.

It's been seven years since we left the Middle East and four years since writing this book, but the memories are still fresh and the impressions still deep. I thank God for the experiences--good and bad--that Mark and I were blessed to have together in Bahrain.

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