10 November 2013

Defining Home and Heaven

As my children grow and begin to understand more, I've become more conscious of how I refer to and label things such as culture, home, and safety. Even just the other day, I talked with my friend about how we need to be careful about using the word "home" to refer to the States, when in fact we no longer live there.

Since we may not be in Korea permanently, where then is home?

As I research TCKs, I'm finding that this is a question that resonates with many of them. It will probably be one that my three kids will ask themselves one day. My husband and I have jointly come up with what we view as home, and we hope our children will likewise conclude that it is not a place as much as it is people. I myself feel at home when I am with my husband and three kids. Because of our mobility, my little TCKs may not be able to call one place "home," but they will have us--our solid family unit--with whom they can be themselves and on whom they can rely. For us, 'home' is not a where but rather a who.

Then today it struck me that I often have looked forward to heaven as a place--somewhere there is no death or tears or suffering or sin. It's just so perfect! But is that really what I want? A place, a paradise? If my answer was yes, I would be missing the gospel. I should long for heaven because it means nearness to Christ.

Of course, it's comforting to realize that the frustrations and disappointments of this life will no longer plague us in heaven, but I'm realizing now that those fantastic features of my destiny are dwarfed when juxtaposed to an ever-accessible Savior. The relationship we are gifted with now as He indwells His followers is truly amazing, but the intimacy we can look forward to will be deeper and even more fulfilling.

Heaven will be home only because He is there.

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