13 November 2013

Counter the Grumps with Thanksgiving

Psalm 100

Be thankful, Grumpy!
After reading the psalm, I recommend singing along to an upbeat melody like this one!

"Serve the Lord with gladness" (vs 2) and "...the Lord is good" (vs 5). The correlation between thankfulness and joy is unmistakable, and with a good God, we have everything to be thankful for no matter what our circumstances are. He is good. That in itself warrants praise and thanksgiving. That in itself will spring joy in my heart.

When I feel a case of the grumps coming on (like at 5am this morning when my son wet his bed), I need to counter that with thanksgiving. And it works!

Dear Lord, please help me to remember You are good and that I need to live praising You with thanks.

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