28 November 2013

A TCK's Thanksgiving Poem

The family's gathered
(What a sound they make!)
All smiles and hugs
and hearty handshakes.

The decorations are there,
each sentimental piece:
the tablecloth, the candle holders,
the early Christmas wreath.

And look--there's my picture!
It's right on the wall!
I guess they do remember me
today after all.

I see my aunts and uncles,
and my cousins, then more--
They just keep coming!
They're pouring through that front door.

Then I see my grandma,
the ever-gracious host,
removing coats and taking food,
and I miss her the most.

For the house is full,
and it's quite the scene--
at least that's what I see
through my computer screen.

I know just what
they'll do today
It's the same family fun
for every holiday.

They'll eat and laugh
and laugh and eat.
Then lounge about
and raise their feet.

They'll watch the game
and yell a bit.
Then Grandpa'll call,
and they'll all come sit.

It'll be that time
to think and reflect,
to show gratitude and grace,
to cheer and connect.

All this will happen
far far far away from here,
but I smile at the picture
so crazy and so clear.

Now, they gather close to us,
bumping heads and making space.
They wave and shout 'hello's!
My cousin makes a funny face.

We respond and wave back,
and I hold my mom's hand,
for we may be far away
but I think I understand:

Family love cannot be trapped
in a house or in a town.
It travels through letters, phones, and skype,
until your heart its found.

And God has never left us.
He's been here all along:
filling our life with His blessing
and our hearts with His song.

Our house is full too--
with love and food and noise.
It's all the sweet goodness
that a kid like me enjoys.

Today is Thanksgiving,
and we are abroad,
but we can still celebrate
our great appreciation to God!

Happy Thanksgiving from these 3 TCKs!


  1. Oh my Malia!! This is beautiful, made me tear up but also remember the 'other' things to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. It had the same effect on me as I wrote it! Honestly, sometimes a poem takes over for me and surprises me as much as the reader. I'm so grateful for the way this one ended, reminding me that love isn't bound by time zones. Happy Thanksgiving to your family, Jess!


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