15 June 2012

Sin's Curse, Labor, and Teamwork

After giving birth to Coby, I made the comment "I have paid for my sins." Oh sweet ignorance. No no no...no one knows pain until going through childbirth without an epidural. I wouldn't have chosen it for myself, but labor came so quickly and fiercely that I had no option of the numbing needle. Instead, I had two resident doctors hovering over me with breathing techniques--and Mark, just over my shoulder, speaking encouragement and the constant "Focus, Malia. Focus" so I wouldn't start yelling hysterically again.

If this is to be equated to the man's curse of tilling the ground, then they must really feel the pressure to provide for their families. They must ache in mind, body, and soul for us wives and our shared children. The responsibility must be so heavy that it requires the inner shrieks of abandoned will and selfishness before a God so powerful and so able to help us in our struggles. 

Of the experience, I treasure one thing most (besides the obvious result of baby Konane): my husband supported me through the torturous ordeal. Although he couldn't take the pain from me, he never left, and his encouragement was constant and heartfelt. His role in labor and delivery was different, but it was extremely important and necessary.

Now, I will have this memory to inspire me always as a wife. His greatest "pain" is the responsibility to provide and care for me and our three kids. While I cannot take that away from him, I can be that support for him as he was for me. I can stay near and be a consistent source of encouragement, affirmation, and appreciation. I can promise that I will stand by his side always and cheer him on.

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